We have used Katie and Jacques for over seven years. Katie has done an amazing job of teaching both of us Pilates. Even though we were at different levels she was able to make the sessions beneficial to both of us. Jeff had a “bad back” from years of standing over an operating room table as an Orthopedic Surgeon. Katie, and Pilates, were able to strengthen his core and relieve his discomfort. Barbara wanted to stay in shape and toned. Her work with both Katie and Jacques achieved that goal. We recommend both Katie and Jacques without reservation. – Barbara Passick, Jeffrey Passick MD FAAOS

“I started working with Katie eight years ago, when she took over an existing Pilates class at Club Fit. Her ease with the students and well-planned sequence of exercises charmed all of us immediately. She quickly became my favorite Pilates instructor. Her personal integrity and maturity were exceptional right from the beginning and never wavered. Katie is a tremendous asset, and her training helped me to be strong and flexible all through my seventies.” – Marilyn B.

I have been a member of fitness clubs & gyms for many years but I have always struggled with finding the time to actually workout; by the time I go to the gym, workout, shower and get back home, my day seems to be half over. I have been working with Katie and Jacques from At One Fitness for almost 2 years and I LOVE that they come to my house and in one hour (3 times per week) I get a great workout. I’ve tightened up the flabby parts of my body (including that bulge in my belly), reduced my body fat % and look and feel so much better. I have also changed my eating habits and which has helped increase my energy levels and has helped me lose weight. Katie and Jacques have been my “partners” in the quest to get back in shape. They’ve given me the tools and motivation to make it happen. I look forward to every workout!” – Sandy Kiley, 45

Katie Cowart came to my home to give me Pilates instruction for almost three years after I had back surgery. As you can imagine, it was important for me
to work with someone who was knowledgeable about the body and someone who would not push me inappropriately as I recovered from my surgery. Katie started me slowly and continued to increase the difficulty of my workout in a very measured and thoughtful way. I never hurt myself from her work outs. I was however appropriately sore as she pushed me to be stronger. Katie has a lovely, easy going personality and she is a joy to work out with. I would recommend Katie as a Pilates instructor to anyone who wants to get more fit. I am sorry that she moved away from my area and I can no longer work out with her. – Gail Caulkins

I want to take this opportunity to thank you. Jacques you played such a huge role in my dream wedding, not only giving me the body I could only dream about, but giving me the confidence to feel my most beautiful on my wedding day. For the first time, I can honestly look at pictures of myself and only smile rather than pointing out flaws and for that I am endlessly grateful. You have also taught me so much about being an athlete, pushing myself beyond what I thought I could do. Because of that, while I will the dream of one day working out together again, I feel confident that I can maintain my new look and maintain my new level of physical fitness. Thank you for everything – yay muscles! – Amy Santo

I remember watching Jacques do his own workouts and thought, “Wow, if he can challenge himself like that, I know he can challenge me!” I knew right then that I wanted to work with him. I looked forward to our sessions because I knew that I would get the best workout but I also knew that I would learn new things to incorporate into the workouts I did on my own. Jacques challenged me intelligently. I worked hard and smart and saw improvements in my abilities almost immediately. Not only do I think he is talented but I believe he loves what he does. As a trainer, I really believe Jacques can help each client reach their own personal fitness goals. – Megan Rovitto, 33

My name is Will Stickles, I’m 16 years old. Ever since I started training with Jacques last fall, I have gained a large amount of self-discipline. It used to be a pain when my parents asked me to exercise and eat healthily, and if I actually did exercise when they asked, it was done with a scowl. Now that I am forced to exercise on a regular basis, it has become much easier to do so as a daily routine. I’ve also become less self-conscious and overall, I feel better about myself. Its been great to have somebody to guide me towards a healthier lifestyle.” – Will Stickles, 16