The At One methodology was conceived with Jacques and Katie’s experience training and working with busy individuals, whose obligations are great and their time is limited. So rather than going to the gym and taking several different classes, At One offers you the convenience of bringing fitness to your home, saving you gym membership fees and one of the most precious commodities we have, time.

With a customized exercise program designed specifically for your needs, Jacques and Katie will work closely to ensure that each of your sessions will emphasize on getting the results you are looking for.


The mission of At One Fitness is to help our clients become at one with their body by giving the client the opportunity to work one on one with both a Personal Trainer and a Pilates Instructor. Through experience, we have found cross-training Pilates with personal training to be an effective way to achieve desired results.

Pilates will focus on strengthening the deep muscles of the core which consist of the abdominals, back, hip and thigh areas. The series of exercises will elongate the muscles, increase flexibility, correct postural alignment, and decrease the likelihood of injury.

Personal Training will improve overall strength, muscle definition, agility, and will increase ones cardiovascular endurance. With personalized programs it is assured that you will see results in body fat, energy level, and overall wellness.

By uniting these two workouts, you will be working all muscle layers and groups, making you At One.